November 22, 2019

WildFire Watch App

WildFire Watch App

Designed and implemented a Mapbox-based fire watch app that sends Twilio messages and Push notifications when the fire is within a given radius of a user's location. Implemented Cypress end-to-end testing.

Tech: React.JS, Node.js, Express, PostgresSQL, Firebase, Mapbox, React-Map-GL, React Mapbox Geocode, Twilio, Push notifications, Cypress, CRON, Heroku, Netlify

September 26, 2019

OER-Bookr Platform

Oer Bookr Platform

Built the backend system of OER-Bookr project, a platform for textbooks. Data persistence, database schema design, migrations, seeds, and testing. Wrote 34 unit tests with Jest and used code coverage to identify opportunities to write more tests.

Tech: Node.js, Express, SqLite, PostgreSQL, Heroku

July 10, 2020

Tesla Range Calculator

Oer Bookr Platform

Built a responsive web app calculating the battery range for Tesla's Model S using React.JS, Redux and CSS animations.

Tech: React.JS, Redux, CSS Animations, Animista

August 28, 2020

Color Pickr

Oer Bookr Platform

Built Color Pickr App, a clone of websites like Flat UI Colors and Material UI Colors.

Tech: React.JS, 10+ React libraries

August 26, 2019

Guess Who Twitter Game

Guess Who Game

Designed and built a fully functioning Mobile-first Web App in a 4-day Hackathon and deployed to Netlify. The player has to match a 2020 presidential candidate with his/her tweets. The App uses Twitter API, React and Redux.

Tech: React.JS, Redux, Netlify

February 10, 2020

Lambda Coin Miner

Lambda Coin Miner app

Lambda Coin Miner using Maze Traversal, Blockchain, Proof of Work, LS8.

Tech: Python3

March 13, 2020

Aurora Glamper

Aurora Glamper website

Fictional camping website built using Bootstrap 4.

Tech: HTML5, SASS, Bootstrap 4, Koala

June 27, 2019

Design Your Life Journal

Good Life Journal website

Built a fully responsive static marketing landing page for Good Life Journal product on my 5th week into web development.

Tech: HTML5, CSS3 (LESS), JavaScript

July 15, 2019

GitHub User Finder

Github Finder website

Used Github API to fetch user data using class components in React. Finished the project in 4 hours.

Tech: React.JS

April 28, 2020


Taskr app

Built a simple Todo App using React.JS and class components as an afternoon project. Adding, editing, removing, completing todos.

Tech: React.JS

April 29, 2020

Card Dealer

Lights Out website

Built a simple React Card Dealer App using Deck of Cards API.

Tech: React.JS

March 20, 2020

Maze Game

Maze Game website

Built a Maze Game using vanilla Javascript and Matter.js as an afternoon sprint project.

Tech: Javascript, HTML5, Matter.js