Dora Belme

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer. I love art and technology.

June 3, 2019

Why web development?

I enjoy building products that are functional and aesthetic.
There is beauty in clean and efficient code.
If art is the queen, then technology is the king.

WildFire Watch App
November 22, 2019

WildFire Watch App

WildFire Watch App

Designed and implemented a Mapbox-based fire watch app that sends Twilio messages and Push notifications when the fire is within a given radius of a user's location. Implemented Cypress end-to-end testing.

Tech: React.JS, Node.js, Express, PostgresSQL, Firebase, Mapbox, React-Map-GL, React Mapbox Geocode, Twilio, Push notifications, Cypress, CRON, Heroku, Netlify

September 26, 2019

OER-Bookr Platform

Oer Bookr Platform

Built the backend system of OER-Bookr project, a platform for textbooks. Data persistence, database schema design, migrations, seeds, and testing. Wrote 34 unit tests with Jest and used code coverage to identify opportunities to write more tests.

Tech: Node.js, Express, SqLite, PostgreSQL, Heroku

July 10, 2020

Tesla Range Calculator

Oer Bookr Platform

Built a responsive web app calculating the battery range for Tesla's Model S using React.JS, Redux and CSS animations.

Tech: React.JS, Redux, CSS Animations, Animista

August 28, 2020

Color Pickr

Oer Bookr Platform

Built Color Pickr App, a clone of websites like Flat UI Colors and Material UI Colors.

Tech: React.JS, 10+ React libraries

August 26, 2019

Guess Who Twitter Game

Guess Who Game

Designed and built a fully functioning Mobile-first Web App in a 4-day Hackathon and deployed to Netlify. The player has to match a 2020 presidential candidate with his/her tweets. The App uses Twitter API, React and Redux.

Tech: React.JS, Redux, Netlify

February 10, 2020

Lambda Coin Miner

Lambda Coin Miner app

Lambda Coin Miner using Maze Traversal, Blockchain, Proof of Work, LS8.

Tech: Python3

March 13, 2020

Aurora Glamper

Aurora Glamper website

Fictional camping website built using Bootstrap 4.

Tech: HTML5, SASS, Bootstrap 4, Koala

June 27, 2019

Design Your Life Journal

Good Life Journal website

Built a fully responsive static marketing landing page for Good Life Journal product on my 5th week into web development.

Tech: HTML5, CSS3 (LESS), JavaScript

July 15, 2019

GitHub User Finder

Github Finder website

Used Github API to fetch user data using class components in React. Finished the project in 4 hours.

Tech: React.JS

April 28, 2020


Taskr app

Built a simple Todo App using React.JS and class components as an afternoon project. Adding, editing, removing, completing todos.

Tech: React.JS

April 29, 2020

Card Dealer

Lights Out website

Built a simple React Card Dealer App using Deck of Cards API.

Tech: React.JS